Bedding Tips

I prefer my miniature bedding to drape over the sides of beds,and sometimes ironing a fold in the right place is enough. But if not, as all our duvet covers and patchwork quilts are washable, I like to use Spray Starch to make this happen. I can wash it out if I change my mind and want to move a quilt from a bed to a sofa, or a single to a double bed or just arrange a folded quilt on the end of a bed.

Here's what to do...

  • Arrange the duvet cover/quilt on the bed and decide where it should fold, this can be marked with dressmaking pins.
  • Spray Starch on the reverse side of the bedding and use an iron to press into place.
  • This technique also helps if you want the duvet cover to fold down at the top.
  • Alternatively, if draping over the end of a bed, after starching put the cover on the bed and hold in place with pins until dry.

Don't like ironing?

If you don't want to use an iron, spray on the starch then use pins, an elastic band or pegs to keep the bedding in place until dry.

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Ofcourse, quilts can be used to cover sofas too!

Folding, ironing and tucking may be enough but Spray Starch can help hold the shape.