My late father put a doll’s house kit together as a gift for me while I was pregnant. Before the baby came along, I decorated the exterior and started to collect miniature items. I even bought a copper wiring kit but, sadly, the house soon fell to the bottom of my to-do list.

As our family aged and multiplied, my doll’s house was invaded by Playmobil characters, often rescued by Playmobil firefighters from the top windows. Sylvanian Families moved in and they ‘painted’ the interior walls in bright colours!

Years passed and the house was relegated to a corner of our spare room, a collection of favourite soft toys peeking out of holes where once there had been frames and acetate windows.

At the end of last year, when moving it for dusting, I rediscovered the message from Dad on the underside. Immediately I felt guilty that I hadn’t decorated the house properly in my parents’ lifetimes and installed the beautiful items they had given me. Such as the rocking chair and the hand stitched rug made by Mum.

Blog 1

So, this year I set to with the copper tape wiring kit and I’m pleased to say, so far, – it works! Still much to be done and I have not finally chosen the interior design. But, in the meantime, I started to sew soft furnishings and make accessories. I have enjoyed doing this so much I couldn’t stop and decided to add 1:12 scale miniatures to my website that already sold children’s wash bags and, my niece, Emily’s lovely jewellery. She has got the bug too and makes some of our stock.

I shall keep you updated on my progress, although I am starting to wonder if I will have enough space for all the gorgeous miniatures I keep finding… perhaps I need an house extension?